Rivers of Life

What to look for in finding the right church...

For a believer, church membership is not an option (Hebrews 10:19-25).
All believers should belong to and be involved in a good local church. (2).JPG

Punctuality - Do the services and other activities begin as posted?

Provisions - Are the needs of the church being met scripturally?

Piety - Do the pastor and leaders possess unquestionable character traits?
  • Is the Pastor’s lifestyle holy?
  • Is the Pastor’s family life together?

Proclamation - Are the teachings based on the Word of God?
  • Is Jesus taught as God? (Jesus is Lord!)
  • Is there boldness in the proclamation of the Gospel?
  • Does leadership show forth love unconditionally?
  • Is the truth being taught?

- Are the programs in the church scripturally based or motivated by finances?
  • Is the Pastor’s concerns for the welfare of the flock or for self?

- Are there life-changing testimonies by the members?
  • Is the power of the Word of God manifested in the lives of leadership and fellowship?

Additional signs of a good local church include: A Pastor with a vision for the church, members who use their Bibles, and mid-week services that are well attended.